Join Maile’s Team

Are you an aspiring do-it-yourself Internet fashionista? I’m always looking to add members to my team. Whether you are looking to make a little extra money on the side or make LuLaRoe your full time job, I’m happy to help you on your way! Send an email to and I’ll be in touch!

What are the costs to start up my own business?
$500 inventory purchase of 65 pieces available styles in warehouse, that’s $8.08 per piece. You probably need an additional $300-$500 for mailing system, mailing supplies, ring light, racks, and hangers.

What if I don’t have $1000 to start my business?
You should contact Maile to talk about some fundraising options!

I don’t like going live to sell clothes, can I still do the business?
YES, YES!!! Some people sell primarily online, but you can also do open houses, pop-up parties where you bring your inventory to a hostesses house, live sales, album sales, personal styling videos or weekly emails with your Independent Fashion Retailer link. So many ways to market the fabulous clothing!

Do I need to pay any additional fees to have an Independent Fashion Retailer site?
No, LuLaRoe provides that at no cost to all retailers!

Is there a monthly minimum I need to sell to remain active?
Yes, one piece of LuLaRoe per month in order to remain active and to prevent your status to go inactive.

Are there any incentives to new retailers?
LuLaRoe has implemented a number of fast start, start now, and sales achievement level (SAL) incentives where you earn back office credits to buy new inventory!